Student Ministry

What is the Student Ministry?

Student Ministries @ The Ridge is our youth ministry program for students in junior high and high school. Youth meet every Wednesday night, 6:30-8:00 p.m., at PRCA, during the school year. They also perform special missions projects during school vacations and often travel to a summer youth camp.

Student Ministries @ The Ridge focuses on engaging young minds and hearts in developing leadership for Christ. Our Youth Ministry Director is Steve Johnson. Please contact him at or 520-405-5343 for more information.

Our Vision

We seek to save the lost, to equip the saved, and to send the equipped. God cares about the lost of every age. The gospel permeates, equips, and encourages the Body to do the work of God’s ministry; it’s how God uses us to save, equip, and send.


Ministry Practices

Create and foster an environment where students can build lasting relationships. This will be done by creating a pool of shared experiences that students will be able to draw from in the future to encourage one another and for wisdom. Give the tools for students to explore the Bible on their own. Through verse-by-verse exegesis focusing on the importance of context over cherry-picking verses. This will allow students to take responsibility in developing their own faith and not be reliant on others to do it for them. Through topical studies of the Bible that can be used to help make decisions for problems that the Bible may or may not directly mention. Give reasoned arguments for the faith and logical juxtaposition from other belief systems.

This will be a two-fold process: First by helping to define what it is that we (Christians) believe. In part this will be through the exploration of the Bible and in part it will be done directly through historical contexts explaining the faith. Second, this will be done by looking at arguments others make against Christ.



We create opportunities to draw more closely together sisters in Christ of every age and background.


We build relationship-based opportunities to grow and mature as Christian leaders in our homes, workplaces, and communities.

Children's Ministry

This is a dynamic learning environment, focused on discipleship and growth in Jesus Christ through hands-on learning in community.