Men's Ministry

What is the Men's Ministry?

Do you enjoy fun and fellowship? Do you appreciate being challenged to grow while also being supported along the way? Does reality-checked Christian living interest you? Ministry for men at The Ridge Christian Fellowship is characterized by relationship-based opportunities to grow and mature as Christian leaders in our homes, workplaces, and communities. We value transparency and accountability in real and safe environments. We recognize we are men on a journey with room for growth. Wherever life has taken us or is taking us, we’re here to help and support each other. There are times to be serious, and there are times to laugh and have fun. We believe that Christ is keenly interested in traveling all of these journeys with us. Come, join your brothers in Christ!

For more information about Men’s Ministry, call Pastor John Kinder at 520-256-7764 or email him at or Eric Kinder at 909-524-1680 or email him at



We create opportunities to draw more closely together sisters in Christ of every age and background.


Our Student Ministry program focuses on engaging young minds and hearts in developing leadership for Christ.

Children's Ministry

This is a dynamic learning environment, focused on discipleship and growth in Jesus Christ through hands-on learning in community.

The Building Fund

God has blessed us with our current facility and a future permanent home. In Autumn, 2021, the congregation purchased land on the corner of Shannon and Overton. We are in the planning process, both architecturally and financially, seeking God in all decisions. If you would like more info on our future relocation, please contact a pastor or elder.